Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Find Git Very Annoying

So I've generally been working with Bitbucket and Mercurial.  Everything has been happy and working well.

But lately I've done some experimental work with Azure, and also decided to clone Monogame from GitHub.  I'm taking Monogame and making some additions so that you can load XNA Models server side.  The changes will allow you to load a model without the textures, vertex/index buffers and effects.  Which also means you don't need a graphics device.  This will let me load the model and bones server side (which is likely headless) for per-triangle hit accuracy even with animation.

Anyway, so I clone Monogame to Bitbucket.  Fine.  I then clone the repository locally.  I tried making may changes and pushing, but got an error.  Essentially the remote repository was ahead of my local (which I had JUST pulled).  Eeeeeh?

Well, it seems like what is happening is that when I clone the repository it is taking from the Develop branch.. but when I try to push it is pushing to the Master.

You'd think that would be easy to change, but no... it's probably somewhere in some arcane command line option that I'll have to dig to find.

Anyway, it doesn't just work like Mercurial has been doing.  I'm sure I can dig to make it work... but this is my first encounter with Git, and it has thusfar failed completely to do something VERY EASY.

I didn't know anything about Git previously, but I think I'll avoid it from now on if practical.  Pull->Change one line->Commit->Push ought to just work.

Edit:  I wasn't able to figure out how to do this from the command line or Git GUI.  But GitHub for Windows allowed me to easily switch the operating branch.  Twenty seconds there and I was done.  Thanks, Git.


  1. So I guess it's an annoying git?

  2. Quite. The funny bit is that I fought with Git further, since Azure accepted publishes from Git. That mostly worked, but was a bit troublesome.

    Then a few days later Microsoft announced Azure was now able to accept publishes from Mercurial and Dropbox, which is very nice. I wish it'd been a few days earlier, though.