Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LTrees, Instanced

So, it wasn't terribly hard to get instancing working with LTrees, at least the trunks.  I basically used the instancing code I had before, but rather than passing it a Model object, I made it able to accept a VertexBuffer and IndexBuffer combo (which it would get anyway by extracting from the model).  I haven't fiddled with the leaf clouds yet.  I may not, I may move on to set tree models where I can fully control the level of detail, and have billboard imposters at low LOD.

At any rate, it works pretty well.    This is a 3x3 chunk of terrain (32x32x64 sized chunks), so this is drawing more than 9000 trees (simply set now to about 1 per cell), all at full detail and still managing ~ 30 fps.  That's without any real optimization.

The shadows aren't working quite correctly with instanced item though.  Dunno if I will worry about that for the time being.

I did pull some updates from the newer versions of Project Vanquish.  I need to sit down and figure out if I've done something to mess up the shadows...

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