Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yet More Trees!

So, I more or less ditched LTrees and bought a set of tree models off TurboSquid.  The models themselves aren't much, just three quads arranged in a star pattern.  But the textures are nice, so they look ok, and are very low poly, of course.

Meanwhile, I looked into a newer version of Project Vanquish, and noted I was doing depth calculations a hair different.  I changed the format of the GBuffer render targets to SurfaceFormat.Rgba64 from Color/Color/Single, to allow alpha blending (another thing I picked up from the newer versions of PV).    But, that caused what looked to be clipping in the depth output at very close ranges.  I was doing:

Output.Depth = Output.Position.z/Output.Position.w;

....in the vertex shader, and passing the depth as a float to the pixel shader.  In Project Vanquish it passed the location to the pixel shader, then did the division there, where it was then assigned to the output.  I think this must have resulted in increase precision.

That change seems to have improved the precision of the depth output.  As well as getting rid of the clipping, shadows look a bit better, as you can see above.  Though they still aren't quite right.

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